Riding Poniesd to the Moon by Rebecca Newton Design by Landon Elmore
Riding Ponies to the Moon - A Musical Storybook
© 2022 Rebecca Newton/Blue Shirt Records
Rebecca Newton’s latest solo project brings music and fiction lovers a new way to enjoy both mediums in one sitting. “It’s a musical storybook,” says Newton. “It’s based on a book I’ve been working on and has a song that points to each chapter.” She included excerpts from the book, with a working title “A Simple but Kind Gesture on What Was an Otherwise Ordinary Day.” It’s a fictional memoir of Newton’s life with songs creatively woven into the project. Riding Ponies to the Moon, the title track, recalls a teen story of love and enlightenment via psychedelics in the 70s. The record tells a story of heartbreak and trauma, but also focuses on life’s lessons resulting in happiness and deep love and acceptance. It’s a beautiful piece of art, musically, visually, and literally.
Booklet Sample
Use the flip book below to view Rebecca's 32 page "Music Storybook". Illustrations by Katie Bradley. All words by Rebecca Newton.
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