Landon Elmore
Landon Elmore 
Seasoned brand steward for events, artists, labels, PR and sustainably-minded orgs. Aspiring crooner.
With roots in traditional graphic design, Landon Elmore has been on the cutting edge of interactive design and online marketing since the early 1990s, originally based in the South Park technology hotbed of San Francisco, now located in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Landon specializes in integrated design and marketing programs for events, artists, labels, PR firms and sustainably-minded companies. He provides creative direction on brand development and brand presentation, to produce packaging (physical and digital), branded merchandise, websites and micro sites, posters and ads, email marketing programs and social media marketing campaigns.
Example: Hank, Pattie & the Current  (Band)
Landon has worked with Hank and Pattie (along with label Robust Records) on all 4 of their releases to date. Landon has been an integral creative partner with the band over that time (lots of shows, hanging in the recording studio, organizing photo shoots/providing concept sketches and shoot lists for creative, side projects, developing all branding and creative for marketing, etc.) This level of involvement results in branding that creatively resonates with the band’s own voice, persona and position.
    "One of Landon's favorite questions to ask us as clients remains, "what do you see in your mind's eye?", and to us, that demonstrates a dedicated desire to understand our creative process intimately. He integrates his process into our vision and the results make up very striking album art and advertising assets. Just as our music is thematically linked, so is the design that accompanies it as though he were part of the band."
Example: World of Bluegrass - IBMA  (Event)
Landon has worked as creative director on this Festival since it's move to Raleigh in 2013, as part of the Raleigh group who produces the Wide Open Bluegrass weekend Festival (with over 130 bands performing on 7 stages in the heart of the city,) a part of the weeklong World of Bluegrass event produced by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) in Nashville. World of Bluegrass also includes their business conference, awards show and official showcases. Design and execution takes place over many months leading up to the event each year and includes event and sub-event branding, print and online ads and social media assets, posters, lanyards, programs, signage, and much more.
    “Landon has taken a genuine interest in the IBMA’s mission to grow the audience for bluegrass music. His commitment has resulted in the most effective marketing assets our event has ever seen—communicating a cohesive and on-brand message to a broad audience of industry professionals and fans and lifting the tide for bluegrass music.”
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Green Day Concert Photography by Landon Elmore

Green Day - Raleigh, NC Photo: Landon Elmore

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