LEDM has been providing exclusive design and marketing services for the Raleigh Convention Center since its inception. This unique web presence speaks to Planners, Exhibitors and Attendees of conventions and meetings at this 500,000 sq. ft., Silver LEED certified facility. (See flash simulation of the Cree Shimmer Wall on their homepage.)
Recently, we began working with the center to plan a new, integrated suite of websites, including two “sister-facilities”: the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts and the new Raleigh Amphitheater (as well as other event-oriented sites.)
After determining both the shared and unique information needs required by both/all online members, LEDM designed and developed a database-driven, dynamic website and content management system for one and all. Having a common admin entry point for all three properties makes editing the sites a virtual breeze but more importantly renders the development of additional sites extremely cost-effective.
Raleigh Convention Center Website
PAC-AMP websites
Adapting a phased approach enabled the LEDM team to build and launch a whole suite of sites over an 8 month period beginning with the Progress Energy Center and followed by the Raleigh Amphitheater and the Raleigh Convention Center. This process allowed us to launch sites ever more quickly, simultaneously allowing us to continually refine the ‘system-wide code base’ (via client/user input) as we went along.
The new system proved itself right away when Raleigh learned it would host the 2011 NHL All-Star Game. With little time to prepare, we were able to roll out the event website quickly and efficiently, in a quarter of the time (and cost) it would have taken to design and build from scratch ( See our post about the NHL site here.
NHL All-Star Wide Open
The content management system features include event information posting, including text, images, media, ticket info and links. This information may be  in calendar form which can be filtered in a variety of different ways. (requires interfacing with existing computer systems to extract information and flow it into our CMS.) Each event can be featured site-wide through the use of rotating ‘header’ graphics’ and ‘sidebar’ graphical buttons and links. All site information is completely editable in this system, and admin users are able to add new pages and sections to the site, as well as new images to photo galleries, and more.
LEDM and our team of expert partners provided website design and interface art, all website development, site build-out, flash development, copywriting, and photography.


    "We were looking for a designer who could help us illuminate the vibrant personality of our new Convention Center. We needed it to exude excitement to prospective bookers. Landon Elmore and his team blew away our expectations in every aspect; patience, affordability, enthusiasm, guidance, creativity…the list goes on. LEDM literally created a virtual sales force for us—exactly what we needed in a downed economy with hiring freezes!"
    Laurie Okun
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Raleigh Convention Center
    Raleigh, NC